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About Us

Whatever Your Healthcare Needs We Are Here to Help

Shree Narayana Hospital (A Unit of Healthtech Chhattisgarh Pvt. Ltd.) is a quality health care centre and Best Multispeciality Hospital in Raipur for all. It was built with an idea to establish a trusted healthcare landmark for a diversified society and individual, for anyone on the outlook for a final destiny of their ailment. It is one of central India’s largest Multi-Super Speciality Hospitals located in the capital of Chhattisgarh, which has various featured health related control services. The health centre is founded by Dr. Sunil Khemka (MS, MCH – Orthopaedics). His trust on humanity aims to empower patient needs with the help of the dimensions of a modernized infrastructure, using state of the art technology, expert medical consultants and grounded nursing staff. With his efforts and faith, SNH is the best hospital in Raipur.


We offer a comprehensive range of services to our patients. We aim to provide the trustworthy, reliable, and friendly medical service we have always been known for in our Multispeciality Hospital in Raipur





Plastic & Cosmetic

Critical Care

Our Unmatched Achievements

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Medical Beds
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Robotic Surgery

The Only Hospital in Raipur with all 4 Coveted Accreditations high-lighting its Commitment to Exceptional Patient Care and Safety


We have highly skilled and experienced doctors known for providing the best cure to your health condition. They are constantly working hard to become the best multi-speciality hospital in Raipur.

Dr. Sunil Khemka

M.B.B.S, M.S., M.Ch HOD (Ortho)

Dr. Manindra Bhushan

Spine & Joint Replacement

Dr. Pritam Kumar Agrawal

M.S., M.CH. (Ortho)

Dr. Ram Khemka

M.S. (Ortho)

Dr. Ambrish Verma

M.S. (Ortho)

Why Choose Us

Matchless Service And Dedicated Experts Under One Roof

Shree Narayana Hospital (A Unit Of Healthtech Chhattisgarh Pvt. Ltd.) Is A Quality Health Care Centre And Multispeciality Hospital In Raipur For All. It Was Built With An Idea To Establish A Trusted Healthcare Landmark For A Diversified Society And Individual, For Anyone On The Outlook For A Final Destiny Of Their Ailment. It Is One Of Central India’s Largest Multi-Super Speciality Hospitals Located In The Capital Of Chhattisgarh, Which Has Various Featured Health Related Control Services.


Medicine is constantly evolving and we keep you updated! We strive to be the Best Multispeciality Hospital in Raipur. Read our latest blogs and stay connected to new and upcoming discoveries as well as health tips and information.

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Our patients consider us as the best multi-speciality hospital in Raipur due the family-like care and quality healthcare services that we offer. We try to provide the best treatment possible to keep all their hopes alive.


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